Luton Van
Direct acting underfloor ram, robust high strength steel construction with excellent payload.
Flexible and functional with excellent payload and built to meet EU CEN standards.
Max payload with robust features to withstand the rigors of the rental industry.

Box Van
Durable and flexible with a full range of optional features and benchmark payload capability.
Ideal for palletised loads, quick and easy operation with tracked sliding curtains.
Full range of bespoke options and variants of standard products plus specific Fleet requirements.

Benchmark Quality, Design and Service

VFS specialise in the LCV market up to 5.0 tonne GVM, supplying Dealers, Fleet Operators and OEM’s with quality bodywork and conversions to their specific requirements, cost effectively and on time.

Independently accredited with ISO/TS 16949 – one of the highest quality standards held by any LCV converter, complements its ISO 9001 and VCA CoP (Conformity of Production) accreditations - quality of design, manufacture and service are the keystone attributes of every VFS product.